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This just made me laugh, but something about the joke makes me wonder if I'm the only one that gets it. - - - My Wife Laughed, and that's good enough for me. Also, I'm fairly happy with the way the backgrounds turned out.

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Comic transcript
  • Panel 01 - RICK McSTEELE is looking at a sheet of paper, P. BURNS is looking over his shoulder.
  • P.
  • Hi Rick, Ooh...Character sheet for the new campaign?
  • Rick
  • Character sheet of my brother. He's a certified genius. Zero Social skills though.
  • Panel 02 - Rick has the sheet of paper in one hand and he's opening a flip phone with the other.
  • Rick
  • I make phone calls on his behalf when he needs it.
  • Rick
  • It's all the info I need to impersonate him.
  • Panel 03 - Rick talking on the phone.
  • Rick
  • Yes...I have a question about the monthly hm...
  • Rick
  • And how many gold pieces does that equal?

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