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Well that argument pulled me completely out of the game.

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Comic transcript
  • Panel 01 - In a wizard's lair P. BURNS as a wizard listens as DAVEY AGNESS in full plate armor vents.
  • Davey
  • Seriously Guy?! Do you want to game alone?! It's like you're showing off for Jen, even when she's not around.
  • Davey
  • And she doesn't even know you exist, because you're too chicken to talk to her.
  • Panel 02 - In a basement around a gaming table, GUY GAXMON defends himself to P. Burns, RICK McSTEELE, and Davey Agness.
  • Guy
  • What did I do? Didn't you guys want to get rid of that monster, and unlock the secret to the treasure that will help us to save the world?

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