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Guy has no Idea how to even react in such a situation.

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Comic transcript
  • Jen
  • What if you, like, pretended you're your character and go talk to them?
  • Guy
  • What? Like a L.A.R.P.?
  • Panel 02 - Jen looks a little confused.
  • Jen
  • I don't even know what that is...
  • Panel 03 - Jen touches Guy's hand with hers.
  • Panel 04 - Guy has a stunned, goofy, smile on his face.
  • Panel 05 - Jen and Guy continue to talk.
  • Jen
  • ...I could go with you if you wanted, as, like, a social buffer...
  • Jen
  • If you want me to.
  • Guy
  • uh...ok.

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