Friends learning to be better people through gaming
And better gamers through life's lessons.

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So what's going on here? For anyone new since Salt Lake Comic Con, Welcome!!!

I had a blast at Salt Lake Comic Con, I sold a bunch of comics, I mingled with other artists, it was good times. I'll likely do it again.

I've been running a little late on the Comics, and for that I apologize. I've been trying to keep up with Inktober, and it's been trickier than last year - Full time Employment will do that.

I have about 30 copies left of Vol. 1 of We're All Game - The Group Project of Doom. It's 60 pages of Glorious We're All Game Goodness. So if you want a Dead Tree Edition let me know. I'll make them Available on Gumroad or something, as soon as I figure out how (Shouldn't be too hard, there's already a Digital Version available.)

I'm currently working on the next extended storyline, so I'll have some one offs on the site in the mean time. I'm really excited for this next part of the story, I just finished working out the Outline and Script-writing begins soon. I'll be introducing a new character, I made a decision today about how to depict her, I still need to get her a name though. I'm coming down with a Cold, not terribly happy about that. Our house build is moving forward. Our plans were approved by the city and we now have a hole in the ground. Last night I encountered a Ninja Mouse.

Think about that.

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Comic transcript
  • Panel 01 - Dr. Ninja in front of a Curtain on a stage.
  • Dr. Ninja
  • Hey Kids Welcome to the Dr. Ninja Show!
  • Panel 02 - Dr. Ninja pointing to the side with his Katana.
  • Dr. Ninja
  • Have you ever wondered how the inside of a T.V. camera works?
  • Panel 03 - Dr. Ninja flying through the air toward the T.V. camera poised to strike it with his katana.
  • Dr. Ninja
  • Ki-yaaaaaa!!!
  • Panel 04 - P. BURNS & DAVEY AGNESS in Awe, GUY GAXMON with a goofy smile.
  • P., Davey, and Guy
  • Coolest Show Ever!

The Web Series

When I was a kid, there were a ton of values based programs on television. I would venture to say that, a lot of that programming helped contribute to my being a good person. There are the obvious examples: Mr. Rogers, School House Rock, Reading Rainbow. . . But there were also plenty of others, that you may not have thought to categorize that way: Transformers, G.I. Joe, . . . Dungeons and Dragons. They all contained messages about being good to one another, being truthful, honest, honorable, etc. --They were pretty overt about it, and it was contained in programming that was adventurous and fun.

I would like to create an 80's style animated show that is values based and entertaining for kids, and adults.

We're All Game features an ensemble cast of School Age friends learning how to be better people through gaming, and learning to be better gamers through lessons learned in life.

The Web Comic

Right now I'm just one person, with no budget--We're All Game was conceptualized as an animated series, but for now I'm going to start with a web comic.