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I drew this last week, but the coloring job took me forever, I'm Super Happy with the way it turned out. I'm really starting to enjoy digital painting, and just like all my other artistic skills, I find that I don't get faster. The more I know, the better I get, the longer it takes me to do a single piece. I've got Midterms this week, and there was a lot going on last week. It's a lousy excuse, but I've been struggling to keep up. I still haven't had a chance to even work on the next script any further than the basic outline. I will attempt to get another comic posted this week.

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Comic transcript
  • Panel 01 - RICK McSTEELE in a Victorian Costume leaning on a Pumpkin in a pumpkin patch, a la Linus. JEN LOVELY as Frankenstein's Bride, P. BURNS as Frankenstein, and Guy Gaxmon as The Wolfman approach from behind.
  • Jen
  • Rick! What are you doing? We're going Trick-or-treating!
  • Rick
  • Waiting for the Great Pumpkin of course!
  • Panel 02 - Closeup of Jen as the Bride.
  • Jen
  • Like in the Peanuts Cartoons?
  • Panel 03 - Rick at the pumpkin, Jen and crew walking away, Jen turning back to say something.
  • Rick
  • Sort of.
  • Jen
  • Well, catch up to us if you want some candy.
  • Panel 04 - DAVEY AGNESS as a Cthulhu Pumpkin creature with face tentacles, jumping straight at the panel.
  • Davey
  • RAWR!!!
  • Panel 05 - Rick and Davey standing in the pumpkin patch. Rick recoiling in terror.
  • Rick
  • Aaaaugh! My sanity!
  • Panel 05 - Rick and Davey standing in the pumpkin patch. Laughing.
  • Rick and Davey

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