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Most everyone has heard of The Dark Side of the Rainbow. Not everyone has heard of The Flaming Side of the Moon.

Similar to playing Dark Side of the Moon with Wizard of OZ. The Flaming Lips wrote and recorded Flaming Side of the Moon to be synced up with Dark Side of the Rainbow.

Recently I came across the Alphabetized version of The Wizard of OZ . Which made me think of this comic. I did, in fact, alphabetize the lyrics of Dark Side of the Moon, the comic should contain the correct number of buts.

I was watching of OZ the Wizard when I came across it, I was formulating this comic in my head, and I had just gotten to the but section, then my phone started ringing. I answered and It was one of those scam phone calls about a free hotel stay. That's when I discovered my new favorite thing to do when I get those calls. I pushed "1" to speak to the scam artist, and then put the phone up to the speakers right when they got to the "Bye" section.

"Bye, Bye Bye" over and over. It was very satisfying.

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Comic transcript
  • Panel 01 - JEN LOVELY enters GUY GAXMON'S basement. Guy and RICK McSTEELE are Laughing and listening to music, the lyrics seem to be: but but but but but
  • Jen
  • What are you two doing?
  • Panel 02 - Jen is talking to Rick and Guy.
  • Rick
  • You've heard of playing Dark Side of the Moon and the Wizard of OZ before right?
  • Jen
  • No.
  • Guy and Rick
  • Really?
  • Guy
  • Well, It's supposed to sync up really well.
  • Rick
  • And we found out some guy edited Wizard of OZ into alphabetical order.
  • Panel 03 - Jen, Rick, and Guy continue to talk.
  • Guy
  • So, we thought we owed it to the world to do the same to Dark Side of the Moon.
  • Rick
  • It doesn't sync up at all. ...It's hilarious though.
  • Guy
  • We just got to the but section.
  • Panel 04 - Jen looks on confused as, Rick, and Guy laugh to the lyrics: but, but, but, but, but, but
  • Guy and Rick

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