Friends learning to be better people through gaming
And better gamers through life's lessons.

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I just wanted to do something that was noir in spirit. This was super fun to do, but I don't think I've ever put that much ink down on a page before in my life. I smeared it a few times. I try to fix as many of those mistakes as I can, on the actual artwork, I don't like to fix it in post, but sometimes I have to.

When It came to color, I was torn. I was going to just do pure gray-scale, but then I just heavily muted the colors. Then I skipped the usual shading and just used flat colors, opting to allow the sharp shadow and light I had so meticulously inked, do the talking.

I still feel like I'm really behind, so this week I'm going to get another comic done, and work on the script for the extended story-line. I really miss having that script to work from each week. And I can't publish a second volume until I have a second story-line. I applied for Salt Lake Comic Con in the Fall.

We had some friends over for gaming this past weekend. It was good to sit at the gaming table again. It's been far too long. I'm going to start holding regular game nights again, now that were fairly settled into the new house. I think that will also help get my creative juices flowing a little better. I even wrote a one-shot adventure for Savage Worlds for the inaugural RPG game night, with pre-gen characters and everything! -- After We've played it I'll put it here for all to enjoy.

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Comic transcript
  • Panel 01 - GUY GAXMON is working on a laptop computer and looks rather frustrated.
  • Guy, what's wrong?
  • Panel 02 - Rick is close to the camera, only his arm can be seen in the panel. Guy is distant and explains.
  • Guy
  • Mr. Gab's Computer Class.
  • I was bored.
  • He gave me a challenge.
  • Panel 03 - Closer shot and above of Guy as he explains further.
  • Guy
  • Everything is working. But the compiler is throwing errors all over the place.
  • I've been beating my head against the wall for hours, trying to fix it.
  • Panel 04 - Rick is standing behind Guy and pointing at the computer screen.
  • Rick
  • Don't you need a semicolon right there?
  • Panel 05 - Closeup of Guy, his face screwed up, emoting extreme frustration.

The Web Series

When I was a kid, there were a ton of values based programs on television. I would venture to say that, a lot of that programming helped contribute to my being a good person. There are the obvious examples: Mr. Rogers, School House Rock, Reading Rainbow. . . But there were also plenty of others, that you may not have thought to categorize that way: Transformers, G.I. Joe, . . . Dungeons and Dragons. They all contained messages about being good to one another, being truthful, honest, honorable, etc. --They were pretty overt about it, and it was contained in programming that was adventurous and fun.

I would like to create an 80's style animated show that is values based and entertaining for kids, and adults.

We're All Game features an ensemble cast of School Age friends learning how to be better people through gaming, and learning to be better gamers through lessons learned in life.

The Web Comic

Right now I'm just one person, with no budget--We're All Game was conceptualized as an animated series, but for now I'm going to start with a web comic.