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Author's Comments

What a long break between comics. Terribly sorry about that. I've been buried under a pile of Freelance work, which is a great thing. But I've barely been able to keep up, so unfortunately something had to slide.

This idea came to me when I was having a really long day at work because it was game night, and that's all I could think of. The extra freelance work lasts until the 22nd of this month, so I may still be absent for a while. Things will return to normal however.

I'm still hoping to get in to Salt Lake Comic Con in the Fall, I've applied and the first round of Acceptance notices have gone out according to an eMail I got today. The next event I have is Pop Culture Convention in Spanish Fork (475 S Main Street) on June 25 - 10am-6pm I've still got some books and prints available.

If you can, on the 11th (That's today...barely) at Dragons Keep in Provo, there's a Fund Raiser for Sal Velluto fundraiser. He's an amazing comic artist who has fallen ill and needs some help. So if you can stop by, please do, there are a number of artists going to be there donating their time doing sketches and selling items to raise money.

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Comic transcript
  • Panel 01 - RICK McSTEELE and GUY GAXMON are sitting in math class and working on a geometry assignment together.
  • Panel 02 - P. BURNS is in science class working on a kinetic vs potential energy assignment with a classmate.
  • Panel 03 - DAVEY AGNESS is in spanish class speaking to someone off panel.
  • Panel 04 - Rick is singing in choir.
  • Panel 05 - Guy is turning a pot in pottery class.
  • Panel 05 - P. and Davey are throwing paper balls at each other in geometry.
  • Panel 05 - P., Rick, Guy, and Davey are enjoying lunch together.
  • Panel 05 - Rick gets plastered in the face with a dodge ball in gym class.
  • Panel 05 - Guy is bored out of his mind in health class, listening to a lecture on personal hygene.
  • Panel 05 - P., and Davey struggle to paint a still life in art class.
  • Panel 05 - P. is struggling to finish an assignment on time, Rick is zonked out, as is Guy, while Davey stares uneasily at the clock.
  • Panel 05 - Rick, Guy, P., and Davey wait in pained anticipation for the clock to tick its way to the final bell of the day, releasing them from school, game night is tonight, and it's been a long day.

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