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This is another character I created a while ago, and now he's part of the We're All game family--I'm quite happy about this. Perhaps some of my other characters will make appearances here as well. What do you think?

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Comic transcript
  • Panel 01 - P. BURNS entering a darkened room. DAVEY AGNESS is lying on the floor watching T.V.
  • P.
  • Hey Davey your mom said
  • Davey
  • Shhhh!! This is my favorite T.V. Show
  • Panel 02a - Title Card for a T.V. Show called The Doctor Ninja Show
  • Panel 02b - DR. NINJA in front of a curtain pointing a Katana at a Desktop Computer.
  • Dr. Ninja
  • Hey Kids!
  • Dr. Ninja
  • Today we learn how a computer works.
  • Panel 02c - Dr. Ninja striking out with his Katana
  • Dr. Ninja
  • Ki-yaaaaa!!!
  • Panel 03 - P. and Davey in a Dark room, their faces Illuminated from an off camera T.V.
  • P. and Davey
  • Coool!!!

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