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Welcome to the comic new readers from Salt Lake Comic Con. I had a good time at the con, I always love talking to different people, especially sharing my comic, it's such a part of me.

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Comic transcript
  • Panel 01 - GUY GAXMON replies.
  • Guy Gaxmon
  • Jen, you scared the crap out of me. Very funny though!
  • Panel 02 - Jen replies to Guy.
  • Jen Lovely
  • I thought you guys might want to watch this show, Strangest Thing!
  • Panel 03 - DAVEY AGNESS, Guy, RICK McSTEELE, and P. BURNS all reply.
  • Davey Agness, Guy, Rick McSteele, P. Burns
  • Already watched it!
  • Davey
  • Once was enough for me.
  • Guy
  • Are you into that?
  • Rick
  • It's too late to start that.
  • P.
  • It's so good.
  • Panel 04 - Jen holds up a VHS tape.
  • Jen Lovely
  • My Dad put it on VHS for that ultimate 80's experience.
  • Panel 05 - The boys all rush up to look at the artifact.
  • Rick, Davey, Guy, P.
  • Your Dad's A Geek!!!
  • Jen
  • Yeah, but I never paid attention to that stuff until I met you guys.

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