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And better gamers through life's lessons.

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Happy Inktober everyone! I am participating again this year, and like before, I'm not super organized about it. I'm impressed by the founder's (Jake Parker) ability to put a story into it. I'm just happy if I can pull it off again.

If you want to follow along, my instagram page is

Honestly, I really need to buckle down and finish the next overarching story for the strip. That's why I keep falling behind on schedule. I'm just a little stuck on writing it. Sometimes I think I need a writing partner.

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Comic transcript
  • Panel 01 - JEN LOVELY is lying on the couch in the basement looking at her phone which is bleeping.
  • Jen's Phone
  • Bleep Bleep Bleep Bleep Bleep
  • Panel 02 - GUY GAXMON comes down the stairs.
  • Jen's Phone
  • Bleep Bleep
  • Guy
  • So...What's going on with your phone?
  • Panel 03 - Jen sits up to talk to Guy.
  • Jen's Phone
  • Bleep Bleep Bleep
  • Jen
  • I accidentally started a group chat with my parents and they won't stop trying to be funny.

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