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Whatever I'm doing, ends up being what the kids of we're All Game are doing. I've got 86 movies that I've been trying to get through before Halloween. And I've been watching them in chronological order. It was all good, clean, monster fun from 1921 to the 40's. I have 3 Abbot and Costello meet the monster movies from the 50's that are hilarious. And then the 60's arrived and the story lines got noticeably disturbing.

Happy Halloween out There!!!

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Comic transcript
  • Panel 01 - GUY GAXMON is looking at DVD's on a shelf. RICK McSTEELE walks in behind him.
  • Rick McSteele
  • Guy...Guy...Guy...
  • Guy!...You OK?
  • Guy Gaxmon
  • What?...Oh yeah, just thinking about the movie marathon.
  • Rick
  • What about it?
  • Panel 02 - Guy tuns around to address Rick.
  • Guy
  • Well it's been really fun watching them in chronological order.
  • Jen pretending to be scared and all.
  • Rick
  • (Off Screen)
  • Yeah?
  • Panel 03 - Guy points at Rick with the DVD case he's holding.
  • Guy Gaxmon
  • And the Stuff from the 50's was super funny!
  • Rick
  • (Off Screen)
  • RIGHT?!
  • Panel 04 - Guy makes an awful face in the closeup, Rick behind looks concerned
  • Guy Gaxmon
  • So, what the heck happened to the 60's!!!
  • It's all so...DISTURBING!!!

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