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And is that a Gelatinous Cube?

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Comic transcript
  • Panel 01 - A Hallway made of stone, lit with torches, plain doors staggered to the right and left, and an ornate door straight ahead.
  • In a time of magic and danger, some men are called to pass through great peril and overcome horrific adversaries in order to save the world for those around them.
  • Off Panel Voice
  • I'll open the door.
  • Panel 02a - DAVEY AGNESS in Full Plate Armor prepares to swing a mighty sword.
  • Panel 02b - Davey and his sword are knocked backwards with great force.
  • Sound Effect: Rebuff!
  • Panel 03 - Davye lies in the hallway, a gelatinous cube approaches, glowing eerily green.

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