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The Fighter Seems to Be Gaining the Upper Hand.

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Comic transcript
  • (Later)
  • Panel 01 - In a room dimly lit by torches. A large, LIZARD-LIKE CREATURE towers over and swipes at DAVEY AGNESS in full plate armor, defending himself with a mighty sword. P. BURNS as a wizard is slumped against a wall, badly injured.
  • Panel 02a - Davey punches the creature in the face.
  • Sound Effect: Bampf!
  • Panel 02b - Davey's mighty sword stabs the creature in the back of the thigh.
  • Sound Effect: Stab!
  • Panel 02c - The creature punches Davey in the chest.
  • Sound Effect: Thonk!
  • Panel 02d - Davey slices the creatures nose horn off with his mighty sword.
  • Sound effect: Slice!

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