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Hmm. . . what seems to be going on?

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Comic transcript
  • Panel 01 - In a room dimly lit by torches and lightning. A LIZARD-LIKE CREATURE towers over DAVEY AGNESS in full plate armor and is about to lay him low using a Davey's mighty sword. P. BURNS as a wizard is slumped against a wall, badly injured. P. weakly raises his staff and lights off a lightning spell that is absorbed by some sort of invisible shield around the Creature.
  • Sound Effect: Absorb
  • Sound Effect: Bzzzapp!
  • Panel 02a - A pair of eyes appear in the darkness above the creature.
  • Panel 02b - GUY GAXMON as a rogue attacks the creature from behind, knocking it to the floor.
  • Sound Effect: Back Stab
  • Panel 03 - Guy is in the background doing a celabratory jig on top of the creatures lifeless body. Davey and P. (sporting an impressive black eye) give each other a sideways glances, both looking none too happy.

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