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That timer's looking awfully low.

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Comic transcript
  • VO: Later
  • Panel 01 - In a wizard's lab. P. BURNS as a wizard studies an ornate, glowing cube that floats over a pedestal. DAVEY AGNESS in full plate armor wielding a mighty sword examines the room.
  • P.
  • How much time is left?
  • Panel 02 - A Cthuluesque hourglass that is nearly spent is sitting on a table.
  • (Off Panel)
  • Not Much.
  • Panel 03 - P. in a magical trance, waves his hand around with magical energies being emitted.
  • Sound Effect: Fizzle
  • Panel 04 - P. looks closer at the magical tome he's holding.
  • P.
  • (Hm...that should have worked.)

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