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And better gamers through life's lessons.

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Ooh, there's some Drama in today's Episode.

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Comic transcript
  • Interior, Rick's Basement, Day
    Panel 01 - P. BURNS Frustrated
  • P.
  • You've opened every door, killed every monster, and solved every puzzle.
  • Panel 02 - GUY GAXMON talking to P. and DAVEY AGNESS
  • Guy
  • I thought we were a team guys.
  • P. and Davey
  • So Did We
  • Panel 03 - Guy Gaxmon
  • Guy
  • It's not my fault all you can roll is fours.
  • Panel 04 - P., Davey, Guy, and RICK McSTEELE at the Gaming Table
  • Rick
  • Ummmmm...
  • Panel 05 - Rick
  • Rick
  • I guess we'll play again when you guys have worked things out.

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