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I think things went fairly well, but Guy is obviously embarrassed.

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Comic transcript
  • Panel 01 - Guy Gaxmon and Jen Lovely talking in the school hallway.
  • Jen
  • Isn't that, Like, that game that's...evil?
  • Guy
  • I thought that rumor was dead before I was born.
  • Jen
  • what is it then?
  • Panel 02 - Guy talking to Jen(Off-panel)
  • Guy
  • It's...It's a game of imagination. You know, like cops and robbers or cowboys and indians? But with rules.
  • Jen
  • So you, like, run around pretending to fight each other?
  • Guy
  • No...yes, it's not what you think.
  • SFX: Riiiiiiiiiing
  • Panel 03 - Guy is surprised and runs away.
  • Guy
  • Ooh, I've gotta go, I'm gonna be late.
  • Jen
  • Okay, see you later. Enjoy your games
  • Guy
  • Stupid, stupid, stupid

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