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And better gamers through life's lessons.

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Finally, I got it uploaded. Apologies for the delay. By the way, have any of you had any luck in recovering data from an SD card that thinks it needs to be reformatted. . . . I'm having a kind of lousy night.

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Comic transcript
  • Panel 01 - MR. JACK SCHMICK Adressing the class.
  • Mr. Schmick
  • Now, as you know, we are starting our group projects today.
  • GROAN!
  • Mr. Schmick
  • this is for your education, class. Now, I want you to rearrange the desks. Sit with the groups you picked last week.
  • Panel 02 - GUY GAXMON is sitting by himself. RICK McSTEELE, DAVEY AGNESS, and P. BURNS are pulling their desks together near him.
  • Panel 03 - Rick motions to Guy for him to join them.
  • Panel 04 - guy shrugs.

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