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Guy, stranded under a pavilion in the rain. . . with Jen?! How could this possibly go wrong.

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Comic transcript
  • Panel 01 - GUY GAXMON ducking into a pavilion at a park to get out of the rain.
  • Guy
  • Who do they think they are? their grades aren't the only ones...
  • Panel 02 - JEN LOVELY is sitting at the picnic bench, but Guy doesn't notice.
  • Guy
  • ..on the line. I'm a good student...
  • Jen
  • Hey Guy. Stranded by the storm too?
  • Panel 03 - Guy is still oblivious.
  • Guy
  • ..It's not fair.
  • Jen
  • Guy?
  • Jen
  • You ok?
  • Jen
  • Did something happen?
  • Panel 04 - Guy finally notices Jen is there and flails about in his awkwardness.
  • Guy
  • What? Oh...
  • Guy
  • OH! How are you?

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