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I drew this last week actually and forgot to get it posted. I had a tire Blow Out on the highway on my way to work. We're moving, so my trunk was completely full of stuff (hilariously enough, Board Games, Role Playing Game Books, and Other Assorted Gaming Paraphernalia) which I had to move out of the way, to get to my spare. I was moving things from the trunk to the back seat when a friendly neighborhood cop pulled up (This particular highway is in the middle of nowhere, so no neighborhood to be seen).

He pretty much changed the tire for me, although I am perfectly capable of doing so myself. And he ran my plates just to make sure I wasn't wanted or anything like that. I was grateful, because I've never changed a tire wearing a Kilt before. The spare was almost completely flat, so I limped it to a Tire shop and $500 later I was back on the road. I was only Three hours late to work, no biggie. I had been putting in 10 hour shifts because I needed Friday off to go to a wedding a state away, and we were leaving that night. So I was a few hours short, I'll make them up sometime after the move I suppose, because I'm working 10's again, so I can take a day off for the Big Move, since our weekends are already full for half the summer.

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  • GUY GAXMON looking stressed, holding a paper with the word bill on it. I know they're kids and bills aren't really part of their lives. but that's what I had on my mind at the time.

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