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Author's Comments

This one was fun to draw, and I like how it turned out. Lots and lots of panels though. The RPG stories always take me longer to draw and paint than the school/real world stories. I'm not sure why.

I'll be in artist's alley at Salt Lake Comic Con this September, and I'm working out what kind of product to have available. I'm hoping I can have some copies of Vol. 01 of We're All Game available, I just finished the artwork, so I'm actually a few weeks ahead for once. I just finished my script, so it's time to get cracking on a new one. In the mean time I'll have to come up with some one liners and what not.

I just noticed that the way I've had to Manhandle the Content Management System that's live here on the site has thrown the dates that I've been posting off a little. It goes live when I say so, but I just noticed (and corrected) that this one was dated a couple days ago--I really need to get the Wordpress site up and running, but I'm just not understanding the back end of it, and struggling with the Visual presentation of the site. Functionally, wordpress is fine, but as far as figuring out how to customize the visuals, I'm struggling, it's way more complicated than ComicCMS.

Oh look at that, you caught me monologuing; I meant to ask, if any of my readers (which according to Google Analytics, at the moment consists mostly of a Russian SEO site) have any suggestions as to what prints they would like to see for sale at Salt Lake Comic Con, I made up a list of things that mostly come from my instagram, please feel free to use the comment system on the comics to mention what you would like to see available at Salt Lake Comic Con.

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Comic transcript
  • Panel 01 - THREE ZOMBIES shuffling.
  • Zombies Brains Brains Brains Brains Brains
  • Panel 02a - GUY GAXMON as a Rogue throws a dagger.
  • Panel 02b - A dagger hits a zombie in the chest.
  • SFX: Thunk
  • Panel 03 - The Zombie stares ahead.
  • Zombie 1
  • Brains
  • Panel 04a - P. BURNS as a Wizard shoots fire from his hands.
  • Panel 04b - The fireball shoots past a zombie.
  • SFX: Missed!
  • Panel 05 - A Zombie stares ahead.
  • Zombie 2
  • Brains
  • Panel 06 - DAVEY AGNESS in full plate armor swings his mighty sword and removes a zombie's arm.
  • Panel 07 - The Zombie angrilly shouts.
  • Zombie
  • Brains
  • Panel 08 - P., Guy, and Davey stare ahead in amazement.

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