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I hope that this communicates the fact that Jen is playing Caves and Wyrms with the boys now, and I hope the story reads.

That's been my worry since the beginning. I tend to make the assumption that my readers are intelligent and can make the same logic jumps that I do. On occasion I've been told that this is problematic, but I think that to a degree, this is a problem with current Hollywood storytelling. Maybe they're right; I read a lot of complaints about Jupiter Ascending, saying that it moved at too fast a speed, that they crammed too much into it, that it should have been a trilogy instead of a single story. But I found that I really liked it, I had no difficulty following the plot, and I enjoyed the complexity of it, it wasn't as one dimensional as other action films of the genre. Another awesome Sci-fi movie like that? The 5th Element.

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Comic transcript
  • Panel 01 - The Three Zombies are still on their feet, with a fire raging behind them.
  • Panel 02 - The zombies all fall flat on their faces.
  • Panel 03 - Jen Lovely as an Elf Archer stands triumphantly.

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