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This is a modified version of the planners at found at Pocket Mod I added some extra Cuts in the paper to allow for Smaller pages, and more of them. Here's a Video on how to fold them. Here's where you can download the High Rez Version. It's a PDF with both the Black and White, and Color Versions.

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Comic transcript
  • Cover: Small Mustachioed guy in a kilt outside of Comic Con. (CARTOON ME)
  • Title: What I've Learned At Salt Lake Comic Con
  • Title Page: In 2013, Salt Lake Comic Con was born. And I, A dutiful comic book fan knew it was my obligation to attend. (Especially since it fell on my birthday!) In 2015, I had my own table in artist alley...These are some things I've learned...
  • Page 01 - Cartoon Me finally at the front of the line.
  • #1 Not everyone in line knows what that line is for.
  • Cartoon Me
  • The Bathroom?! I thought this was for...
  • Page 02 - Cartoon Me in a Crowd.
  • #2 Everyone respects a man in a kilt.
  • Nice Kilt!
  • Nice Kilt!
  • Nice Kilt!
  • Page 03 - Costumed Con Goer surrounded by a crowd, camera flashes all around.
  • #3 Those in Costume will be hounded by the masses, as celebrity.
  • Page 04 - A Crowd of people in Deadpool, Batman, and Spiderman costumes.
  • #4 Deadpool, Spiderman, Batman...Everywhere
  • Page 05 - Three Panelists in a panel room. One is standing up yelling.
  • Outrage!
  • #5 The Vendor floor only entertains for so long...panels are where it's at!
  • #6 Sharing a booth saves $$$
  • Page 07 - A whole row of Artists in their booths, one of them Cartoon Me.
  • #7 Even if you don't share, you won't have enough space.
  • Page 08 - Cartoon Me slumped in my chair at my booth.
  • #8 Whatever you do-by the end you will be exhausted!
  • Page 09 - Cartoon Me with a giant cheesey grin and two thumbs up.
  • But it's totally worth it. #9
  • Page 10 - Cartoon me at a booth, standing up, ready to sell his wares, and share his story. Crowds all around.
  • #10 Sometimes the crowds are everywhere, but your table.
  • Page 11 - Cartoon Me exchanging stuff with someone. Another pair of guys in the background exchanging something.
  • #11 And after the con, artists exchange their work.
  • Back Cover: This Has Been a Mini-Comic by Richard McLean

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