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Ricks rant is over.

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Comic transcript
  • Panel 01 - RICK McSTEELE the GM, pontificating.
  • Rick
  • And on this, the anniversary of our first game together. The night your characters were to ascend to glory, the night our campaign was to enter new dimensions and planes of existence.
  • Rick
  • Your characters, arguably the most powerful group of beings this world has ever seen, or dared to imagine. Your characters, who might as well be gods.
  • Panel 02 - DAVEY AGNESS as a fighter slumped against a wall covered in scratch marks, GUY GAXMON as a thief face down on the floor with blood in his hair, and P. BURNS as a wizard, on his back with scratch marks and blood in his beard, and a housecat licking its paw.
  • Rick
  • Your Characters suffer a total party kill.
  • Panel 03 - 12 mini panels, various gaming dice all showing a value of 1
  • Rick
  • (Off Panel)
  • Via. Random Encounter with a House Cat?
  • Panel 04 - Rick Laughing
  • Rick
  • HaHaHa BWA HA HA!

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