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This joke came about because the house we're building is almost done. And I want to have an inaugural game night. I wanted to invite as many as are interested in playing a one shot adventure. None of the one shot adventures out there, that I know of, hit all the sort of story arcs that I want to, so of course I planned my own, but it took days of preparation to run what will amount to a few hours of entertainment.

The Adventure I wrote up, has the innocuous little name, Encounter at the Dark Forest. Those that venture in will either suffer an ignominious death, or gain Land and Title. Interested yet?

Have I announced yet, that I'll be tabling at Salt Lake Fan Expo in March? I don't think I have. For those that attend I will have available for purchase: Books, Prints, and Original Artwork from We're All Game. This time around I'm not sharing a booth, but I hope to be in a booth next to a good friend of mine from high school who will also have a table there. I don't have table details yet, which is probably why I've been holding off on making the announcement, but there you are, I have let slip the news.

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Comic transcript
  • Panel 01 - RICK McSTEELE bursts into his basement a storm rages outside, he is wet and carries a book.
  • Panel 02 - Rick holds up the book for GUY GAXMON, who is sitting in the ugly, green, recliner to see
  • Rick
  • It is finished!
  • Guy
  • Oh yeah? What's that?
  • Panel 03 - Rick approaches Guy from behind and dramatically announces.
  • Rick
  • This is your entertainment for next week's game!
  • Guy
  • (Nonchalantly)
  • Get that from the game shop?
  • Panel 04 - Rick loses his mind at the suggestion.
  • Rick
  • G..G...G...Gameshop!!
  • NoNoNo No No No...
  • I just wanted to run a simple one shot adventure, but in planning one thing just led to another.
  • I mean, you guys want a good adventure right?
  • Panel 05 -Guy responds casually from the ugly, green, recliner.
  • I'm good if I splash a couple monsters and get some treasure...
  • Panel 06 - Extreme Closeup of Rick's Eyes as he loses his mind at the dismissal of his hard work.

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