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Author's Comments

It's a really good thing I'm just doing this for myself, because, sometimes I think I'm the only one that gets the joke.

I do like the body language and expression, I expressed on Guy's face in the last panel. It totally cracks me up.

I'm sick of being sick, can everyone send me some good vibes?

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Comic transcript
  • Panel 01 - RICK McSTEELE is writing furiously on a paper, though he appears to have his eyes closed.
  • (Off Panel)
  • Rick!...Snap out of it!
  • Panel 02 - Rick is startled by guy Gaxmon.
  • Rick
  • Wha...What's going on?
  • Guy
  • You need to stop.
  • Panel 03 - Guy explains to Rick.
  • Rick
  • Stop? I was just sleeping.
  • Guy
  • You've been sleep GMing.
  • It was kind of funny at first. But I just watched you create 132 possible player characters for the game next week!
  • Panel 04 - Rick is pleased but Guy has a revelation.
  • Rick
  • Really?...Well that's kind of handy, I was going to create a dozen or so.
  • Guy
  • But Rick!...They're all GNOMES!

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