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I did, in fact, draw two comics this week. I was planning to put them both up, because I missed last week, but I'm not going to be able to put the second one up. It's inked, but I'm having some scanner problems, so I'll have to scan it at work on Monday.

I sat down this week with the intention of finishing up the second long term script, but I had all these things that came due this week. Finals for classes I'm taking, things I'm doing at work, freelance work, and it didn't happen. But next week, is nice and open. Luckily the outline is done, I just need to write it up, the only trouble I foresee, is that one of the new characters isn't completely solidified in my mind yet, so she'll either become clear as I write. . . or she'll make it hard to write, I just don't know this is going to go.

I've been having trouble even coming up with jokes for these one off comics, in the meantime. Which means one thing. I'm not gaming enough. I have a one shot adventure that I wrote up, with pre-gen characters and everything that's just itching to be played. My wife's job has been super busy as of late, so she's rarely home in the evenings, I just need to pick a couple days, and start a once a month standing RPG night, and a standing Tabletop Gaming night and just make it a regular thing. Now that we're in the new house and fairly settled (though not completely unpacked) I think that's exactly what I need in my life.

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Comic transcript
  • Panel 01 - RICK McSTEELE, is talking to DAVEY AGNESS, in the basement at Davey's new house.
  • Rick
  • Davey, This basement is Awesome, we're going to need a table though. And some chairs.
  • (off panel)
  • Chairs!!!
  • Panel 02 - Guy has gotten into the stuff in the corner and is lying in a mummy bag amongst the boxes and paraphenalia.
  • Guy
  • In this basement, we don't need chairs!

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